Andy Tomko    (Bio Link)                             President                                   EMAIL

Bonnie Williams  (Bio Link)                      Vice President  

Beverly Klimas  (Bio Link)                            Recording Secretary  

Jon Howard  (Bio Link)                                  Treasurer  

Lea Bissell (Bio Link)                                                           Historian

Richard Bissell (Bio Link)                                                  Trustee

Daniel Simecek (Bio Link)                                                 Trustee

Diana Kriedman (Bio Link)                                               Trustee


Marti Franks(Bio Link)     Publicity                              Trustee

Sue Graham (Bio Link)                                                       Trustee

Gayle Davet (Bio Link)                                                       Trustee

Audrey Kancler (Bio Link)                                                Trustee

Roy Meier (Bio Link)    Membership                            Trustee

Ed Ponter (Bio Link)                                                            Trustee

Giz Roddie (Bio Link)                                                         Trustee

Ken Roddie (Bio Link)                                                   Trustee

Betty Tomko (Bio Link)                                                 Trustee

Dr. Constance Peek-Longmire (Bio Link)                 Trustee

Bob Davet       Newsletter /Website                               Trustee

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Twinsburg Historical Society and Museum

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