Twinsburg Historical Society and Museum

Price: $3.50/ea.

The green books tells about Twinsburg in it’s early years, then the second part of it is a large family tree and ancestry list of most of our famous residences.  See if your name is in there.

Price:  $15.00/ea.

The Green Book

This 275 page book written by Society Member Veronica Hughes outlines all of the Twinsburg Residence who fought in the Civil War and it tells their intimate tales of our citizens.  Twinsburg sent more soldiers to war than any other town in Summit County.  This book is well worth the read.  Once you start, it is hard to put down.


Out of the Wilderness into the Future

Explore Twinsburg, A photographic Essay on Twinsburg Ohio

This book written by many of the Society’s membership. It starts out with a view of Twinsburg from Ethan Alling, the first settler.   It contains the following information:

The Early Years
Century Homes
Places of Worship

Price: $15.00/ea

Beyond The Monument

Twinsburg Time Line

Written by Patricia L. Jenkins

This book takes you from the original settlers to modern day.  It is only 8 pages long.

Price: $ .50/ea.

This book was written by Dale Diersing, one of our historians.  It spans the timeline of Twinsburg from 1817 thru 1967, including old pictures, names, and dates of key events.

Price: $10.00/ea.

Books & Publications

This 96 page book is a dream come true for lifelong resident, Mark Gutowski.  Mark teamed up with the community to find visuals that captured that capture the texture of life in Twinsburg.  The pictures tell a tale of unity and duality that will shape how others see the city they love.     


Price:  $25.00/ea.

History of Twinsburg, The Sesquicentennial