Twinsburg Historical Society and Museum

Publicity Trustee - Marti Franks

I moved to Reminderville from Detroit in1984. I followed my husband Dale to the Chrysler Plant. Life in Twinsburg was dazzlingly different than the big city, but I have learned to love it. I taught theatre and English in the Twinsburg district for 27 years and directed 50 or so plays.

Audrey Kancler invited me to help develop interest in Locust Grove cemetery and thus began my connection with the Historical Society. My students embraced that project as did so many of the trustees and their friends and relatives. I retired from the classroom in 2011 and some where along the line I became a trustee and the PR guy. I still organize “Tales of Locust Grove” but I have many folks to help.

I love the society  and the projects we do. I have made so many good friends and learned so much about this corner of the world. I am on the board of Public Education Partners, the Labor Liaison for Northeast Ohio Education Association and on the Board of Friends of the Twinsburg Library. Never idle, never bored.

I raised my sons Aaron and Ben here and I have three grands in Berea, Dale, Angelina, and Isabella. Soon I will have lived in Ohio as long as I lived in Detroit and I may have to choose, Tigers or Indians, Cavs or Pistons, Lions or Browns?

Seems like a pretty good place for Act 3.