The THS Christmas Party will be at the Riley House.

Twinsburg Historical Society and Museum

Trustee Meetings

Trustees meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month, except January.   They begin at 7:00 PM and are open to all members.

Open House

Open Houses are held the last Sunday of the month, from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. There is no admission charge.  Programs and events are scheduled throughout the year. Please check the Calendar page for updates to the open house schedule. Some Open houses are held at the Riley House on Liberty Rd. Please check the Calendar or the Newsletter for those dates.


The Committee that created our beautiful Bicentennial Calendar just became aware the we have two July 24ths. Now we know that there are not two July 24ths and we are not at all sure how we missed that error. The problem is compounded by the fact that we counted the rest of the week from the wrong day. Are you still with me? So if you will flip to July and look at the last grid you will see the 24th is a Monday. That is correct. That makes Tuesday, July 25, Wednesday July 26 and well, you can take it from there. Hopefully you have this news before you schedule any plane tickets for July. We are back on track for August and the rest of the year. Please notify all of your friends as you are calling them to remind them about the Open House on Sunday. We apologize for the error but we hope the beauty of the calendar eases the pain.

Bicentennial book

A wait list has been established for residents or nonresidents who would like an extra copy of the Bicentennial book. Being on the wait list does not guarantee you a book, it simply holds your spot. On August 1st, the books leftover from the voucher program will be counted and people on the list will be contacted.  The extra books can be purchased for $15.

 The wait list can be accessed online through the following link: The Library will be adding the link to the website as well. If you have trouble online, call the Community Center to sign up (330-963-8722).