Twinsburg Historical Society and Museum

This is an annual fundraiser, we limit the tickets to 200, cost $5.00/ea, and the winner is drawn at the December 13th "Ohio Christmas" Open House.

Tickets are on sale at all open houses and events, and anyone interested in buying via mail can leave a message on the museum answering machine - 330-486-5565 and we will get you taken care of. 

The 2020 Historical Society Quilt was named "Over the River and Through the Woods".
The fabric & quilt block instructions were picked up during an annual Fall Quilt Shop Hop through Amish country Ohio. Although some of the pictures look like places in Twinsburg; they are not. {Quilt blocks now have had so many variations, few quilts are named that way.}  

Twinsburg Historical Society Quilters-- originally begun in response to 1976 when communities were asked to do something special for the nation's Bicentennial Celebrations. 

And, as times have changed, we have used our talents to make other crafts -- thereby becoming the Tuesday Morning Crafters.

All the quilts since 2000 have been completed & donated to the Museum free of charge. 

The fabric (+ batting & backing), time spent piecing the top & quilting the 3 layers are all donated. 

We even make our own tickets -- so all money donated through ticket sales can be used to benefit the Museum.


Quilt Fundraiser