Twinsburg Historical Society and Museum

Trustee Gayle Davet

I was born & raised in Twinsburg and graduated from R.B. Chamberlin in 1978. Started working as a “Jewell Girl” my senior year in high school and Mrs. Jewell got me my fulltime job in the steel industry in July of 1978.

I am now an inside salesperson for Schmolz & Bickenbach in Streetsboro and I really do enjoy my job. The warehouse manager that works with me is Thomas Wilcox and he is a descendant of one of the Wilcox Twins.

 I decided to become involved with the Twinsburg Historical Society after our kids got out of school and my long time involvement with the Band Boosters was over. Working fulltime, I don’t feel I help as much as I want to, but preserving our history is so important, we all must do what we can.